Kiddo's Choice of Beanie Hat or Yarn Wig

Choose your Favorite style and color. We will try our best with the volunteer helpers to fulfill your request. You are a special Warrior and We love making you smile!

Once you receive your hand-made item, please take a picture wearing the yarn wig or beanie hat for our Halo Keepers Angels Foundation website and social media.


Halo Keepers Angels Inc.

would like to offer the kiddos a beanie hat or yarn wig free of charge for those battling cancer or chronic illness.

Email your Request to

We enjoy seeing you smile.

Choose the yarn wig or beanie hat style you prefer and whether the request is for a young child or older child, as most are one size fits all. The only thing we ask is that you complete an information sheet so that we can add you and your child to our Warriors box for prayers and possible continued support as our volunteers and donors contribute. 

Once you receive the hand-made item, please take a picture with the child wearing so that we can add the picture to our social media and website. 

The beanie hats and yarn wigs are  provided free-of-charge with no shipping cost. If you or someone would like to donate please feel free to use the payment links displayed.

Keep Smiling Warriors!